Wednesday, July 16, 2008


it can be safe to assume that one is on the quickfire route to steadfast singledom
when one finds themselves downtown chicago at "hip/trendy/" pub eating pizza place,
and instead of exchanging numbers and schmoozing with "hip/trendy" boys,
is sitting in corner with their best friend vigorously exclaiming,


*insert wild Italian hand gestures here.

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Chris said...

Hi Jessi,

Great post!

This is Chris, the friend Georgia brought to the Feist concert on Friday. LOVE the blog! You whipped it up pretty fast, too. I'm so glad you're getting your stories out there. You'd be amazed how fun and addictive blogging can be—it's like a colorful online diary.

I put a link to your blog on my blog—is that okay? It's called reverie, and you can visit anytime:

I also put pix from Ravinia up on my Flickr site. There is a nice one of you and Georgia on there. See them at

Nice talking with you, and good luck. I'll be stopping by often!

~Chris :)