Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Guilty as Charged

during really busy days, we don't have much time to eat lunch.
since i am usually picking and eating on things 24/7 ,
this poses as a bit of a problem.i find myself zoning out, thinking about different food items in the middle of really inoppurtune times, say for example, retracting someones tongue. i will be right in the middle of a banana smoothy daydream when all of the sudden, "jessi....jessi...JESSI, retraction".
not good.
ANYWAYS, so yesterday i was having one of these particularly difficult days, and could NOT get my mind of this amazing piece of cherry chocolate cake in the break room. (a real piece of cake mind you, not fictional)
ioh yes. t was calling to me. on redial.

ok well, being the genius that i am, i suddenly had the brilliant idea to go indulge in a few bites while the dr. took the impression for the crown. it is always a 5 min ordeal and i thought that this would be plenty of time to partake of sweet chocolaty goodness, have a swig of milk, and be back with plenty of time to spare.

so this i did. with much excitement.
the cake was everything i imagined it would be and more.
we had no forks or utensils, but this did not stop me.
i had plenty of time to clean up.
to say i enjoyed each bite would be an understatement...

but the sweetness of this moment was soon tainted by the following events.

i have always heard that time flies when you are having fun,
but no one every told me that time flies when you are eating cake.
in fact. it doesn't just fly, it moves at star gate galactica speed.

because the next thing i know, i am up to my elbows in chocolate frosting,
when the break room door busts open and the dr. runs in, masks, gloves, loop glasses and all, to find his assistant... in her moment of confection weakness
he didn't even say anything. he just shined his headlight on the cake,
then up at my face, then down on my hands,
and walked out of the room.

good Lord.
embarrassment does not even begin to cover the depth of my shame.

and the kicker of it all.
after i had cleaned up and ran back to the room to finish up the procedure...
the dr. finishes on the patient and while talking to him, looks at me and says,
"there we go, bill, i told you that would be a piece of cake."

maybe someday i will llaugh at this.
but today is not yet the day....
ooh, i gotta go,
i think i still have some butter cream under my nails...

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