Sunday, September 21, 2008

Distractions of the nice variety.

Dear Season #3,

I very much cannot wait to fall into you and your orange spice afternoons.

I have all my sweaters out, ready to catch you and wrap you up.

We'll have naps on your sweet plum piles of leaves, under your bright blue covers of sky.

And we'll take walks, lots of cherry cheeked walks-maybe talking and maybe not.
But mostly not. This is my favorite.

I know I always ask you to stay longer than you are able...

to stick around and make things a little better for us,
a little more brown apple cidery for us,
but you never do...

This year they say I should not be surprised.
They say I have passed GrownUpped-ness 101.
where we learn:
that anything falling is very shortlived.
from falling prices to falling in...

the girl who secretly thinks you really are season #1.

P.S. yes but i don't know...
perhaps this time it will be different...

P.P.S. I knitted you a yellow lemon drop scarf while you were away.
But don't try to eat it! :)


Nate Heldman said...

my favorite season, too. i have never knit it a scarf, though. perhaps i have trouble expressing my love.

so, should know that i love autumn loves company.

Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...



Steve said...

I think Georgia already cornered the market on comments for this one. There are plenty of poems about the seasons but they're usually heavy with philosophy of life baggage. This was light, personal, warm. Thx.

Chris said...

Yeah, I'm with ya on the fall thing. But when is it going to start? I see leaves changing and falling, but the skies are hazy and it's hot out! Where are those sapphire skies???

It's like a fifth season that we're experiencing. Let's just call it fummer :)

sandy said...

Beautifully written!