Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mental Health Moment

As my bff so eloquently stated a few weeks ago:
" wowzee, using your brain gets tiring sometimes..."
Now while her own intelligence could be put up
for debate after a quote like this,
I think there is alot of validity behind the sentiment.

Which is why I am spitting out the following.
because "wowzee, my brain is tired".

1. I am trying to figure out how to construct myself into a giant donut for this tuesday's youth group "fall festival".
any mechanical advice on configuring an outfit of this sort would be much appreciated. (something to consider: I have to take the El to get to destination)

2. it is so freaking cold. while boarding the Western stop tonight after youth meeting, a "gentlemen" hollered at me from across the street, proposing "I'll keep you warm baby, yeah that's right..."
Had it been 2 degrees colder, I think I might have actually taken him up on the offer.
(mom. i am kidding, i wouldn't have...but if hearing real life stories like this makes you want to send me long johns, then i am ok with that....)

3. note to self. the night you wear pig tails, ratty sweater, and clompy boots, is the night a young, georgous brazillian literature professor will sit next to you and dial his sister to talk about that morning's church service. further note: the fact that he caught you in the middle of mowing down on a piece of roommate intended pumpkin pie will not play in your favor.
things to keep in mind, jensen...things to keep in mind.

4. school, i am coming to get you, sooner than you know. just wait for it. i miss you too.

5. in children's church today i saw an eight year old boy eat more goldfish crackers in a two minute period than i could ever hope to eat in my lifetime. it was pretty incredible.

this list is so lame.
i didn't even make it past five
and it is more a diary entry than anything.

but says it is supposed to snow tommorrow.
so i'll consider this my winter lament,
scold myself for a day or two,
and then move on.


Claire said...

you have me cracking up and its great to be smiling so early in the morning.

i will try and envelope a little warmth and sunshine for you but it might get squashed in the post box as all the long johns will be taking up the space.

as for being a donut... take the EL normally but have a pool noodle stuffed into a bag and have a tin of caramel handy. also have an item that will keep the pool noodle tied into a circular shape. when arriving at destination, make a circle with the noodle through your legs and over your head. cover yourself in caramel and proceed to the door. wear a price tag that says "special edition with added appendages aka extra yummy bits. $priceless."

when inside proceed to find the little boy who ate the crackers so quickly and dare him to eat all of delicious you : ) and see how long that takes him.


James said...

i have to leave a comment. at the bottom of your post it says '1 comments'. 1 item isn't plural! that was bothering me. so now it will correctly show '2 comments'

have a good day miss jess!

your weird ocd friend. (not that ocd is weird, just that i'm weird about some of my ocd things.)

Steve said...

This is the Brazillian lit professor-- I noticed you. I like pumpkin pie, pony tails, and ratty sweaters. But I don't like doughnuts. Too bad. I thought you were the one.

Steve said...

Missing you more than you can imagine,

Steve said...

Misunderstanding... I am a heating contractor on the north side and I install furnaces for a living. I was advertising my services on the El because the economny is so bad.
The "Gentelman"

Steve said...

To crazy lady in church-
i ate my goldfish fast 'cause you looked like you were going to steal them and it was creeping me out.

James said...

ahahahahahah steve's (or should i say mr jensen?) last post cracked me up!

Jekisa Jean said...

well well well
it looks like economic crisis has left financial advisors with a bit of TIME on their hands...:)

but i am glad because i am laughing :)

thanks, dad. :)

and thank you claire for great construction of donut ideas

and james for being completely OCD and evening out the comments :)

what good people in my life :)

Chris said...

Lol you sound just how I feel. I'd be pleased u was even able to make cohesive sentences. Thanks for the laugh :)

Chris said...

Ha, and judging from what I just wrote, I can't form cohesive sentences!

Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

your post is hilarious.
so are your dad's comments.
i think you two should co-author a new blog.
"Father-Daughter Banter" perhaps?

i'm a BIG fan of the light stuff like this. no one writes funny like you, Yessica—and that is a COMPLIMENT!