Monday, November 10, 2008

Singledom in 2 parts.


I cannot say for sure,
but I think I recently was on a blind date with not one,
but two, count'em TWO, polish guys.

Beatka had begged me to attend a jazz concert with her last week,
and since she offered free sheep cheese and wine,
I willingly obliged...
As any good Wisconsin girl would do when the possibility of sheep cheese is involved.

Shortly into the show,
and mere seconds after discovering
that the word "minority" would be an understatement to describe my presence in that club
i realized that my sneaky Perogi making "friend" had somehow managed
to squeeze me inbetween two guys of whom I had never met before,
and of whom I had no means of communicating with...

(Beatka later shares on the car ride home that this is silly, that the language of love is universal...
But looking back over the following conversation between myself, Marak, and Tomas, I would have to stay I still disagree with her on this one).


Hey...Marak right? What is that like...Mark, in English?

M: MMMM...YES? MA...WHA???????.


Hm. Wow. Yeah, I don't really like drinking all that much...I kind of had a bad...


(at this point Tomas rattles off something to the bartender who is dressed in what appears to be a netted 80's tank top with a hot pink bra...she delivers 3 large bottles of some kind of dark ale...)



they both raise their bottles above my head and do cheers. Then Marach hands me a coaster and a pen and makes a phone signal with his hands. I turn to look at Thomas who round shiny face is nodding enthusiasticly... want my number?


T: (is doing a very americanized thumbs up at this point)

Hm. Wow. well guys, that is very flattering, honestly it is, but I am going to have to be very forward with you here. I just am not really all that into giving my phone number out to people that I don't know. It isnt that I don't appreciate the kind gesture of you buying me an authentic alchoholic Polish beverage. That isn't it. And you both have very nice personalities and have been to me. But I just don't think it is going to work...I hope that is ok?....

Silence...There is a blank, somber stare on both of their faces...
then suddenly, in unison,


As you can see.
A bit rocky at parts,
but my shortlived romance seemed to have had a good ending...

Transition to more a serious reflection on matters of the "single status" taking place right about...


Good men are hard to find.
But I think part of the problem stems from the fact that...
Good women are not supposed to be out looking for them.

You can't meet a new neighbor if you are never home.
And you can't be rescued by "prince charming"
if you've already jumped from the tower
and are flirting with the stable boys.

It's not that I don't understand the desire,
It's just that I don't understand the urgency.

Such gifts of great meausre are bestowed along the waiting way,
leaving one with that much more to give the moment they are "found".

Yes. The hunt for good men.
It is an expedition I am not particularly up for.
Let the others go with their clutches and curls...

I am content to wait.
Asking only for the strength to continue the path that He has placed me on,
abiding with all the wonderful people He has placed me with.

And telling always, only,
of His Greatness.


James said...

i'm not seeing where they went wrong there...

buy a drink for the gurla...check
having the confidence to ask for gurl's number...check

looks good to me!

oh, i know what it is. they forgot to offer you cheese! that's a rookie mistake. you hate to see it happen. :)

anyways, you have such fun stories! there should be a tv show made about you.

bye gurla preety! have a preety daya!

djmase said...

A very interesting prespective. The women why find door opening men offesive would be appalled. As would the master of your own destiny types....yet, it is my contention that it is well said. Sadly, this model would involve men pursuing...I know a good number of lads who have more or less quit.

Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

thank you for 2.

"Such gifts of great meausre are bestowed along the waiting way,
leaving one with that much more to give the moment they are "found"."

this helped me see waiting for children in the same way.

love you!

Claire said...

Georgia took the words right out of my mouth!

No 1 was hilarious. I love your humour!

No 2 was serious and convicting. Thank you for the reminder.

I pray for patience to wait by the wayside for the beauty that God longs to give me in my marriage that no longer comes in the forms of intense highs and intense lows as with first love, but rather in the form of an abiding trust that grows only deeper as time passes.

Chris said...

Ah, so glad I just read your story of awkwardness and didn't actually experience it.

And as for the second story, I was right there with you. Sometimes it felt like I was trying too hard. And when I happened. I'm still surprised, as I look at my husband sitting on the couch with my dogs, goofing and laughing. What the??? How did I get here? It's an interesting journey, my friend :)