Sunday, March 8, 2009

Rebuttals of a mild nature.

Your honor,
The accused has heard it stated,
by several well-intending experts on the matter,
that once a young artist finds herself void of cynicism and disdain
regarding matters of the heart,
that she may as well pack up her pens and call it a day.

Such claims hold much validity (as there are countless aisles
of romanticized drivel to uphold such an accusation).

However, I stand humbly before the jury and offer up this necessary distinction regarding my client and the charges brought against her:

That while a lack of quality is most certainly indicative of blind emotion,
a lack of quantity speaks of quite a different matter.

She hasn't given up. Her silence is simply the product of a poet quietly observing a new in particular that she has never quite had the pleasure of exploring...

Neither has she forgotten the words. Rather her absence is the outcome of hours spent carefully retraining each one. Teaching them to translate all that is before her, under the soft and glowing tones of respect and adoration.

She does not beg for your just pardon.
She simply asks for your gracious time,
and assures you that all will be as it was,
once she has settled in,
and filled her pockets,
with all things shining.

Your Honor,
If it pleases the court...



Steve said...

It pleases.

Georgia B. said...

Wow, Jessi. Beautiful.

I am so happy to read this from you. I am so happy that there is a reason and song in your heart that caused you to write this. I am so happy.

Claire said...

my smile is broad as i read these words.

His beauty is evident in your life. His blessing rests on you.