Friday, March 13, 2009

Point of Views.

So we are not much different then, you and I.
You sleeping in laundry baskets on kitchen tables,
and I dozing in sun spots on passenger trains.

I recognize this now,
because I recognize that knowing gaze.
The one mixed with the groggy pride that comes from
good rest, good dreams, and good love?
The last of which of course you rarely admit,
(only just before dinner and perhaps in the early hours of the dawn).

Yes. My eyes have seen the world through those same narrow shutters,
have known the same good things,
and have perhaps too often maintained the same silence...

We are secret holders,we two.
Watching the world from countertops and rooftops,
always thinking,
and sometimes sleeping,

but never quite resting...


Steve said...

I enjoy this kind of writing where observation and parallels come together with simple, soft writing to share something of both the observer and the observed.

Betty said...

YES! FINALLY a cat poem. But for reals, I like this one...and not (entirely) just because it's about cats. It's real, honest observation - not kitschy or cute - with just the right choice and arranging of words. So...more cat poems, please!:)