Sunday, March 29, 2009


I can think of very few surprises in my life
that surpass the one of finding you.

Finding you was better than finding money in the pocket of an old winter coat

better than hidden tracks on a favorite album

better than handwritten letters amongst the bills

better than a secret garden in dark green woods

better than a great pair of heels...on clearance

better than underwater caves and electric blue starfish

better than hole in the wall coffee shops with free refills and free wireless

better than old love letters between the pages of older books

better than the band doing one more tour

better than post it notes on bathroom mirrors

better than waiting arms after a long day

better than it being just the right size

better than grade school diaries

better than the same sense of humor

better than more room in the waistline

better than the perfect driving road

better than a friendly neighbor

even better than finding the hidden stash of chocolate chips...

In fact,
Perhaps the only other surprise
better than finding you,
is the one in which
I was found by you.


Suster Gila said...

it is a beautiful poem i ever read.

Visit me, if you have time.

Georgia B. said...

this is good. your joy brings me joy.