Saturday, December 7, 2013

O Christmas Tree.

This December, my husband and I have a mantra.
We didn't make it up.
We stole it.
From the beloved seasonal jingle:

"Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas".

Our purpose behind quoting the title of this nostalgic little tune to one another
is simply to serve as a reminder.
It has been our way to filter out unnecessary busy-ness.
In the past we have struggled with this month being quite the hectic holiday.

Because of this new rubric, a few of our conversations lately have gone like this:

Extra decorations?
Does it fall under "merry little Christmas?"
Not really no.
Then we can put those extra lights back.

Should we host some parties and put Pinterest to good use?
Does it fall under "merry little Christmas?"
Definitely not.
Great, you can make that life-size gingerbread house some other time...

Should I go buy some extra last minute gifts for the nieces and nephews?
"merry little Christmas?"
I suppose that does not fall in that category.
See? And don't worry, they will have plenty of presents from the grandparents.

I guess to some this discipline might seem silly. People I suppose could argue that
being Christmas minimalists could rob us of the overall spectacular-ness of Christmas.

And they might be right.
We might be missing out on some crazy light shows,banquets, or shopping sprees...

but I'll tell you what we are not missing out on.

For example,this past Sunday,
for no extra money, and without going out on the town or piling up our schedules,
we decorated our tree and stopped in the middle of all the broken pine needles and
mis-matched ornaments-for a slow dance in our sweatpants.

Heart. Full. Of Joy.

And you know what Christmas song had come on our scratchy radio
to spur on that picture perfect moment?

That's right.

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.

So here's to you and yours', and wishing you the same,

The Urans

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