Saturday, May 10, 2014

For our Mother.

At the Jensen Home:
We love the Lord and cling to His Word.
We invite weary travelers in need of rest to come and stay.
We believe in good coffee. Always.
We play games.
We make up dances.
We cry openly.
We disagree, but there is resolution.
We adore stories.
We wrap our rice in seaweed.
We work hard.
We forgive.
We celebrate ½ birthdays.
We embrace silence.
We cheer one another on.
We enjoy a clean house but we don’t buckle under messy life situations.
We uphold loyalty.
We remember when music was good and play it loud when we want to dance.
We stay up late talking about victories.
We eat Norwegian pancakes whenever possible.
We make Russian Tea whenever permissible.
We love bonfires.
We hold hands when we pray.
We laugh. A lot.
We check up on one another.
We bake pies and bread.
We sing our children to sleep.
We remind each other to be a blessing.
We give to the point of hurt.
We harbor Italian spirits for people and food.
We treasure Japanese passions of peace and beauty.
We stand up for one another.
We wash our own cars and clean our own carpets.
We relish each others company.
We swim whenever possible, no matter how old we get.
We miss Roy.
We name watermelon, "dessert".
We use olive oil to heal ear infections.
We move picnic tables...

And lastly,
We all share the same truth,
That no matter if separated by distance or time-
our hearts will always be at home.
Even when they aren't beating beneath the same roof.

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