Friday, July 25, 2008

b and Buggy and me

camping trip
reminscing from younger days...
before there were husbands....:)

5:30 a.m.
our ceiling looks and feels like the oil canvases mom used to use

the sun got up early to paint today.
but he isn't using the familar broad strokes of gold.
instead, he is experimenting with shadows and sounds.

i am watching the creation quietly.
and the two of you?
you are sleeping around me,
one on each side,
quietly watching your dreams.

5:35 a.m.
always a quick painter,
now displayed above us are the silouhettes of leaves and trees and moths,
all accented with the sporatic rythm of leftover raindrops.
i am smiling and whispering to the three of us how beautiful it all is.
now i am scolding myself for being so cliche.

you turn on your side and sigh.
and you, you scratch your nose unkowingly.

is what you are both seeing in there as wonderful as what i've just what i'm seeing?

i'm still smiling.
but now it's not because of moving shadows,
or your freckles
or your heavy breathing

it's beause of this sudden realization that the moths aren't the main subjects of this painting.

more thoughts on my sisters: (from cancun devos)
On our walk this morning, Sarah said, "Gray skies are just a darker shade of blue."
I think this is such a prfound statement. The majority of the time we have been here it has rained, but that hasn't stopped us. In fact, from walking in the rain to wsimming in the pool in the rain, to swimming in the ocean in the rain, to doing devo's in teh rain, it is a royal wonder our entire bodies aren't pruned all over. As I was taking a shower this evening I kept thinking how wonderful, how absolutely wonderful it is to be surrounded by two of the things i love most: water and my sisters.

This trip has only confirmed what i already knew, that what the 3 of us have is really something quite special. Granted there are elements to our relationship where we most definately put alot of work and effot into, but there is something else here, a gift, the prescece of the holy spirit, allowing for this type of closeness.
Because even as we change, His constant presence remains.
And oh how we have changed.

Sarah is finding her voice and is quickly becoming one of the most elegant women i have ever seen and interacted with. She has always had a quiet beauty about her, but as she has rooted herself in the Lord all these years, she has grown into something breathtaking.

Bethany, how i admire her sharp mind and discerning heart. Somehow, she has gotten stronger and softer at the same time. I don't know how this duality is possible, but it is so evident and it makes being around her like being in the shade of powerful and nourturing tree. She also truly has the heart of an artist. Which is one of the reasons I think she is such a good leader.


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g-bug said...

i envy this relationship you have with your sisters. i long for that closeness with my two sisters.

this picture and your words are beautiful!