Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Big Brother

So i can't say for sure,
but i am almost positive i am being followed.
that's right.
by a secret intelligence agency.

granted, this conclusion could very well be coming off the hinges of my new obsession with the old "Alias" drama,
that and perhaps all of my "independent alone time" is just getting the better of me...

but i think it's more than that.
because i found THIS little number outside my apartment complex. (see above, and then avert your eyes in case they find you and question you and pull out your teeth one by one).

for those whose lives who have not yet been introduced to Sydney Bristow and SD6 and the CIA etc etc.,
you wouldn't understand, because you are still a blissfully unaware citizen..
ahh, the days when i knew not the tumultuous sea we swim in every day.
but for those of us who have seen the truth, seen the "dark side"...well we must always be on our guard.

which is why when i saw this yellow blow pop looking ring with a metal wire coming out of where the candy should be,
i apprehended the devise with the deftness of a veteran field agent and immediately took it back to lab to have the prototype examined.

top intel executives are looking into the bug more closely, but i have already compiled a list of all possible enemy forces and hired hitmen, those obviously wanting me and my double agent expertise to embrace a quick and painful end. i would like to think this is all a false alarm, but my training has me otherwise convinced.

i will keep you all informed as to my whereabouts within the hour.
look for my coordinates on a brown paper bag in the trash can outside of your local coffee shop.

this message will no longer exist in 2 secon...

1 comment:

g-bug said...

oh, i was looking for that ring! could you hang on to that for me? it's my key piece. it was handed down from the past three generations. :)

you are quite funny.

i love that you have a blog now. i enjoy reading throughout the week for a chuckle or a smile or a sniffle or two. :)