Monday, August 18, 2008

Oh dear.

WHAT: Yesterday I jumped out of a plane.
Actually, scratch that.
Yesterday I let a middle aged Yugoslavian man strap himself to my back and push me out of a plane.
Yes. that is more accurate.

Most of the time I find myself leading a pretty quiet life, nestled between bookshelves,
hiding behind coffee cups, or napping with the cats...but every once in a while..."it"...shows up...and i am forced to be a good hostess, whether I like it or not.


being the infamously undescribable awareness that there are places...a place?,
that books cannot take us and stories cannot convey
the knowledge of somewhere we came from but don't quite rememer how to get back to...

i think thats is why its so important to pay attention and surrender to those oppurtunities that bring us
closer to the horizion, closer to the Truth of who God created us to be, and closer to the greatness of His plans for us-
plans as vast and limitless as the sky.

WHO: With one of my good friends, who's zeal for life is inspiring. And whos bootcamp encouragement tecnique of "LETS DO THIS JENSEN" kept me from excusing myself to the ladies room and hitch hiking back home.

Yesterday! Apparently the same weekend that Bill Murray went sky diving. So yes, I take this to mean that I am famous by association now.

I am not quite sure. One minute i remember signing some papers about how I won't demand astronomical sums of money should I become severely disfigured or critically DEAD in any way...and the next minute I'm stupified and squatting on the door's edge of a plane, thousands of miles from the ground.

go figure.

and lastly, not a journalistic question, but a question none the less:
"What was going through your mind before you jumped out?"

Two things:
1. I hope beth remember to feed the cats if i die.
2. I want to go back to school.

There's that.


Steve Jensen said...

Now that you've jumped out of the plane and written so clearly as to the emotions and motivations, I don't have to! I'll go find something else that's a bit lower to the horizon to stake my claim to a bigger life of faith!

James said...

you rock! skydiving is so much fun. i like your write-up about the day. would you do it again?