Thursday, September 4, 2008

Any thoughts, Audrey? Me neither.

Working on essay entitled "Generation i ", but no where close to ready. ("Scholarly" essays are a pain...)

So this instead, for a break and to buy some time...and because rain tends to make us all ask the WHY

Why I Write:

Because no one asked me to.
Because I sing very very badly.
Because it makes me appreciate silence and tolerate noise.
Because paper is cheaper than oil paints.
Because it goes with coffee.
Because I like the way a pen feels in my hand.
Because I am still searching for my voice and sometimes get to hear a note or two in a paragraph.
Because it was my first love.
Because it helped me get over my second.
Because it helped me figure out my third...
Because I like dancing and writing is footwork on paper.
Because it gets my mind off numbers.
Because it doesn't cost me anything.
Because when I don't, I get mean.
Because when I do, it hurts.
Because it reminds me of what matters.
Because sometimes if I am lucky, He shows up, and I learn something new.
Because it teaches me to hear the things I see
and to imagine the things I don't.
Because it doesn't give me lung cancer.
Because it helps me sleep better.
Because it keeps me up all night.
Because i might still be able to do it when I'm 90.
Because it is the least expensive way to travel.
Because it gets me in trouble.
Because it sets me free.

Can I just say, Jane Eyre is an incredible book.
For women in particular I think...or maybe just single girls.
there are many themes to be explored, but a small one that I appreciate is how
she addresses the paradox of dealing with an independent mind but a dependent heart.
So there. that is my plug for the evening.

...and now I think my living room might be being flooded...
should probably go "check up on it" as Beyonce would say.


Steve Jensen said...

Cool stuff. Or should I say warm. Especially in contrast to the previous blog.
Check out definition of visceral. There may be a different sense you're looking for than that one. Visceral is from the gut.

Chris said...

Love the photo. And love the whole "because" thing to explain your love of writing. The reasons why you write are many and unique, but they're all what make your style so special.

Can't get enough of your stuff :)

Claire said...

wow! i love the fact that you are so real.

K said...

I think you're the only person I know who would dare to put Jane Eyre and Beyonce in the same frame of reference.