Saturday, September 6, 2008

Portrait of need.

There are some days,
when for a few hours,
and by choices most likely not of my own,
the blindfold of selfish pride is removed
and He shows me where I have been walking,
and who I have been missing all this time.

"Here, look and see. See these women walking into the church basement, weary and hungry?
They are here every week with burdens you know not of...but looking for the answers that you do...
along with food. They need food...

and here, here is a 14 year old child. She goes to youth group because she is hoping someone will offer what she doesn't think she deserves. She is used by boys twice her age and is so calloused by neglect that she cringes at compliments and laughs when she admits to a lie....

and here, see the man on the street just before you run up the stairs to your train? He has lost hope. He doesn't ask for money like the rest. He sits in a pool of his own urine and wastes away for lack of food...but mostly for lack of love. He is one block from the church doors...and a mere arms length away from your hand."

And so nights like tonight I walk home,
blinded now instead by tears,
grateful to have been shown,
but overwhelmed at the work to be done,
confused by the state of it all,
wondering where He is in all of this,
but pleading to remain aware,
to let Him use what He can,
and take what He needs,

so that in time,
with His provision,
these stories will read differently.

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Claire said...

I believe that the poor are a test of the richs' faith. Seldom do you find the poor struggling with their poorness.We struggle with it.