Wednesday, December 3, 2008

the business of being tagged...

G and Rochelle,
here you go.
thank you for thinking of me :)
I very much liked reading your own answers to these :).

One Word Answer Challenge

Where is your mobile phone? MIA
Where is your significant other? ...MIA
Your hair colour? brondish.
Your mother? Kind.
Your father? Wise.
Your favourite thing? conversations.
Your dream last night? FLYING!
Your dream goal? lots.
The room you're in? bed.
Your hobby? wrrriitttinnnggg.
Your fear? needles.
Where do you want to be in 6 years? warm.
Where were you last night? Narnia.
What you're not? disciplined.
One of your wish-list items? secret :)
Where you grew up? WB
The last thing you did? letter.
What are you wearing? green!
Your TV? nope.
Your pets? Fitz.
Your computer? appley.
Your mood? CHRISTMAS
Missing someone? G
Your car? nope.
Something you're not wearing? diamonds.
Favourite shop? Amvets.
Your summer? shining.
Love someone? always.
Your favourite colour? grreeeeennn.
When is the last time you laughed? today
When is the last time you cried? yesterday.

6 Quirky Things

1. i can never seem to find matching socks. ever.
2. i try to match people up in my mind on the train, who fits with who...
3. i own about 25 different chapsticks...all the case i might
4. i can never wear an outfit with the following color patterns:
orange and black-halloween
yellow and black-bee
red and green-Christmas
Green and yellow-packers
green and brown-tree
yellow and green-daisy
red white and blue-USA
5. i apparently hum when i am enjoying something i am eating.
6. i collect really cheezy looking christmas mugs.

now i pick someone right?
and how do i put the name in the thing here?
i have no idea how to do the link....
ok ok.
old school way.

i tag my brother in law, Jamo at and his bff jesse at

there. i did it.
i'm done.


Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

hooray! two tags in one! you rock!

you crack me up.
i adore you and your writing.
it doesn't matter what you write, it's wonderful--by that i mean, full of wonder!

i almost cried when you said you miss G. if you call someone else G, then i really feel stupid right now.

oh, by the way--acronyms is cheating! j.k.

one more thing, i still remember when we worked together and you told me how you abhor green and brown together. it went in to my mental checklist of what to never wear. i'm sure i had been guilty of it before, but just had not known how hideous it actually looked.

love you oodles of tons and tons of oodles (that's a Bracism)

Chris said...

Love it!

I like the thing about people on the train. I do the same thing to random people I see. What their story is, who they are, etc.

And the outfit thing is funny too, but funny in a cute way :)

Nate Heldman said...

maybe your significant other has your phone???

and to my sis...brown and green. that's good advice from jessie. you'd look like robin hood.

now brown and blue, on the other hand? veerrry nice.

Claire said...

just the laugh i needed... i want to meet you more and more. next year must come now. soon. really quickly. jessi needs to be met.

natheartsdinos said...

this isn't insightful in anyway...but is that my sweater? the green one you always stole from me when we were roommates? not like i need it here since it was 70 degrees if i am correctly recognizing my sweater, i'm glad it has a good home!