Saturday, January 10, 2009

Practicing Dialogue vs. Diatribe

That's just the problem.
I'm guessing she can't decide whether you are awfully perfect for each other...
or just perfectly awful.

But I told her that I loved her!

Well what does that have to do with anything?

Allot I should hope.

Words mean nothing to her.

You're wrong. She's an author. Words mean everything to her.

Not those ones.
They are as easy to say as "I hate you".
and who knows.
maybe a year from now things change and...

I could never hate her! I want to marry her!
I would do anything for her!

I see. And you told her this already?
It may as well be over.

Why? Because I say marriage and say it so soon?

No. Because you say "anything" and actually believe yourself.

She isn't as cynical as you are.

Leave it to a "poet in love" to mistake wisdom for cynicism.

I come to you, asking for your help,
your guidance in winning her hand,
and all you do is scoff at my love for her.

It is not Love I laugh at.
It is your love for Love,
and what it does for you,
that is difficult to tolerate.

I just told you I would do anything for her!
And you accuse me of selfishness!

The language of love is the most intoxicating drug of all.
The more it is spoken, the higher it takes you...
But if she did as you wished, if she married you today,
and if you lived off the feelings of grandeur that you carry for her
at this very hour, I can assure you, the glow would dull and fade
and no amount of meaningless incantations or phrases could ever bring it back.

I have a different theory.
I think you are the selfish one.
You know how much you influence her.
And yet you block your own sister's happiness!
Very well then, O wise one. What would you advise.

To admit to yourself and to her that you know nothing of Love.
Absolutely nothing at all.
But that it would be your greatest honor,
to commit yourself daily,
to discovering this knowledge,
Only then would you have chance in this whole mess.
Only then.
That, and a good shave wouldn't hurt your case either.


Claire said...


There was a swing on the high dune. It was roughly made from cut of branches and old rope but it was comfortable with an ocean view. It was wide enough for two. My thoughts took me away as the breeze lulled me. They took me to you. I imagined you sitting next to me talking about relationships and love and Him above all else. I asked you many questions. I sought your wisdom. I was soothed by your gentle voice and Christlike heart.

Maybe one day, maybe one day...

Truly we do not know anything about Love. Dare we ask Him to teach us?

Jane said...

whoa, you write so well. This story makes me want to know more, as do so many of our blog stories that we write.
Thank you for your very kind words on my blog. I so appreciate them.
Have a blessed day!

Chris said...

Beautiful, just beautiful. I can't wait to come over here and soak in your words. You are pure magic :)