Sunday, January 25, 2009

What'd you Say? I can't hear you over me.

Touch free until I know,
What's in it for me?

Oh yes. Haven't you heard?

I'm worth it.

And I'm lov'in it.

Because there are a thousand possibilities for me to
get mine,
and it's just like they say,
I can have it my way.

A better world for you?
Change that.
How about a better world for "i".


i stop.

Didn't you hear?
Or couldn't you guess?

I put the me in awesome.

So cheers to yours truly,
and for all that I do,
patting myself on the back,
shouting, "this buds for you!"

(Written over course of train travels,
majority of text stemming from
following slogans throughout the city,
as well as a growing awareness of my own self-absorbed tendencies.)

Mobile Gas
Chicago Tribune
Best Buy
Burger King
Apple Store
I-go rent-a-service


Chris said...

I'm the first to admit I'm very guilty of this :(

Good point though!

Claire said...

your blog should be entitled: "a subtle in your face reminder". your eloquence when it comes to stating the hard truths astounds me.

thank you for caring for me jessi. it means more than you realise. i am healing although it still hurts everywhere.

Steve said...

Efficient poingancy regarding the day and age in which we live. Pardon me. The day in which I live. And I didn't comment on the tennis lessons because I was too busy laughing and remembering how you were really into tennis. Now that I know!!! Ha! What a hoot!

shilvia said...

you made me think!!! :)

Claire said...

i miss you jessi.

K said...

isn't it i-ronic?