Sunday, February 8, 2009

More Polish Witticisdom.

"Cookie. We may be in the same boat, but you are definitely on the upper deck."

"This is what I done say to you hundreds of the time. A guy should be like those highlighters, make you bright yellow and important. Not the white out that blots you up."

"You have the dunkey laugh you know that right? Oh boy oh boy, you sound riDONKEYlous."

"Never throw away da bread. Promise me, cookie. This is mortal sin. You could DIE for this."

"If you drink the coffee one more of the time with the spoon in your cup I am not be the one taking you to eye doctor."

"You look like poppet today, round face. Who has hand up your shirt?"

"Get that restaurant water away from me. Why do you think I am, a FISH? Coffee of course."

"I was going to buy for you cheap bra this weekend at the TJ Maxx. But they did not have size parachute."

-Beata Komenda


Claire said...

just the giggle that i needed!

i also drink my tea with the teaspoon in. it just tastes so much better!

i was so happy to find your post on my blog. and i am even happier that my package is safe and not lost for good. please will you post it again? i really can't wait to soak up your words.

K said...

Evidence A) Beata, combined with Evidence B) me, lead to Conclusion C) that Polish girls are HILARIOUS.

I rest my case.

Nate Heldman said...

size parachute? holy funny, batman!

aren't parachutes sort of rectangular now?

"coughted": the disapproving look received when one forgets throat lozenges at the ballet. "i didn't believe it was troublesome to attend the concert with a bit of a cold until i was coughted