Sunday, September 29, 2013


So apparently if anyone is over the age of 12 they are not supposed to have any knots in their hair. I on the other hand, seem to struggle with this phenomenon at break neck speeds. I recently shopped through droves of product to help me with this struggle, only to find this saucy little number. Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good strawberry-scented hair product just as much as the next person. But what got me so perturbed was the age limit for tangles. As if after a certain stage tangles miraculously disappear.

But this is just not true! Both literally and figuratively speaking.

Real life is messy too!
It has lots of knots and tangles. And those don't all just stop happening after a certain age. And they certainly don't get any better by spraying fruity scents at them.

Last Sunday came on the heels of a tangled week. Schedules and travel and difficult days at work left me feeling like a shell of a woman. And not a very hip/put together woman. Any other time I would have beaten myself up over having only been 2 weeks into a bread baking stint only to have been defeated already. But that was before my No More Tangles revelation.

Instead, I was able to tell myself to take. it. EASY.
That, and I also was able to tell myself to veer left and to pick up the closest BOX recipe I could find.

So I did. And I made it in 45 minutes. It was not awesome but it was not terrible.
I didn't find it on Pinterest and it didn't have any nostalgia attached to it.
But the bread was made and I got to read for twenty minutes and go to bed at the same time as my husband, which is a long standing tradition that was in place long before Sunday/Bread days.

All this just to say that regardless of box recipes or knotted masses of hair, that just because something may not seem smooth and perfect, doesn't mean that it's not good and happy.

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