Sunday, September 15, 2013

Day is done.

Sometimes you can get so wrapped up in recipes and plans of baking the bread,
that you forget the importance of breaking the bread.

A full table of family (not by shared blood, but by shared heart),
and a full plate of a Rosemary loaf warm out of the oven
is what makes this girls' heart full.

To hear the crust tear in the hands of those that we love and who love us in return,
to watch the oil pour out in abundance as laughter spills over the room,
to be met with caring eyes, reflecting every candle's glow and warmth...

For these things, the rest of it can wait.

I pay no heed to rough drafts or weekly chores.
Because this day of heavy rains and heavy news was meant to be buffered with communion such as this.

So as I dry the final dish and glance at the lateness of the coming hour,
I whisper a song of thanks to the true Bread of Life,
and perhaps understand a little more now, the significance of that name.

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