Saturday, September 13, 2008


What I would say to her:

"Your fashion doesn't get much better.
You'll get a little taller, and a little rounder. Your face however, will look the same.
You will lose your hidden grove of trees when you are 10. They will build a house there instead.
A really ugly one.
You won't be a marine biologist. But you will like going to aquariums allot.
You will still like books too, just as much if not more, but you will have less time to read them.
Your sisters will get married before you. Yes. It's true. And you'll be ok with it. Most days.
You get your own cat! But he will be your ruin.
You stop telling secrets to stuffed animals.
Instead you write them on sticky notes and hide them in journals.
Your God will sustain you. You don't know what this means now, but you will learn.
You will stop being shy.
You will start loving people.
You will still smuggle chocolate and still get in trouble for it.
You will manage to escape having blood drawn at least until you are 25. You will take great pride in this.
You will have more amazing people in your life than you could ever know.
You will miss an amazing person more than you could ever want to know.
You'll go on a trip with your grandma.
Your parents will still be there for you.
You'll meet a crazy polish woman and she will re-introduce you to something wonderful: your imagination.
You won't like cars or bills or olives or herring.
You stop listening to Raffi on tape.
You start buying albums your dad would like.
Your softball career never really takes off. But this is a good thing.
You'll be really restless for the majority of the time.
You will worry about not doing enough
and suffer for trying to do it all.
You will like writing letters, not just licking stamps.
You won't know how to say goodbye before Grandad dies.
You have to start wearing deodorant and a bra.
You will still have trouble falling asleep at night.
oh, and you will actually look forward to naptime."

What she would say to me:

you are wierda future girl....
let's play and


Claire said...

Jessi this is adorable! I mourn my innocence when I read your poetry. Thank you for making me smile.

Chris said...

I love this. So sweet and true, and I absolutely love the picture. Oh if only we had such hindsight when we were younger, would we change how we grow up and what we do with our lives? I don't know.

By the way, I escaped getting blood drawn 'til I was 33, so I'm right there with ya!

Steve said...

What an incredible experience it would be if we could have a conversation with our child selves!
You've got another 'chapter' for your book here.

Nate Heldman said...

i dare not do this on my own blog...and here's a couple of reasons why...

you will be arrested...more than once. not for anything all revolves around traffic laws and your inability to obey them.

you will fall madly in love...4 times...and none will become what you hope they will.

you will lose your father before you are done with him...before you are ready to...before there is time to make up for the first 31 years.

i don't think i could bear it...maybe it will be a great solitude exercise, though. your piece is brilliant, though...but i've come to expect that in the short time i've been reading it.