Friday, May 11, 2012

In my own words...

One of the things that Luke and I have been challenged to do in our walk with the Lord is to spend time memorizing scripture and praying it back to the Lord. I have failed epically in the memory department as each day brings a new resolve with the same old note card. However, one thing I did enjoy doing recently was taking one of the Psalms and praying it back to Him in journal form.
Please hear me on this. I in no way am attempting to re-write scripture and I am not attempting to be the next Eugene Peterson. I am however, sharing a sentiment that stems from the same thoughts and honest prayers of the Psalmist.


O, Lord. Trouble abounds.
There are enemies within stemming from my own pride.
And there are enemies around in the unseen places, who seek only my destruction.
There are voices that say, "Where is He in this? How can He help you here? You have
abandoned Him, therefore surely He will abandon you."

But you, Lord, encompass every part of me.
I am your protected child.
Nothing can cast out your presence.
Least of all the darkness.
For you are Light.
The radiance of my life.

You are the one who revives my spirit and renews my resolve.

Lord, I was crying to you with words few have heard.
You alone know my true voice.
And you alone responded to my soul cries.

You are high above
but you heard me way below.

You gifted me with sleep.
That which had become so rare to me, you ordained.

And you covered your daughter with a blanket of stars.
Each made by your hand, the same hands that carry me from evening to dawn.

You ordain and sustain.
You are my life blood.
Therefore I wake with courage and a new resolve against the battle of darkness.

Though it may seek to consume with with the thousands it has gained before,
I will not waiver.

For I cry to the Son to rise and to save and He does.
He has shamed anything that has sought to do my harm by turning it for His good.
He has crushed the intentions of evil.

Their bark has no bite.

My freedom was delivered to me in His death and resurrection.
You alone can save because you alone are Holy and you alone can buy back the dead with your Life.

May this miracle not be lost on me, the ones I love, and the ones you send me to love.