Friday, August 29, 2014

Heavenly Mysteries.

You are the God that never changes.
Yet you are always on the move.

You are steadfast to the heavens.
Yet living waters to my soul.

You tell me no sin of mine is tallied.
Yet each tear that falls has a count and every hair on my head is numbered.

You are my rock. A mighty fortress. An ever present shield about me.
Yet they call you balm of Gilead. Rose of Sharon. The pearl of great price.

What science is this?
A shield or roses.
A fortress of pearls.
The Cornerstone...that bled.

Lion and Lamb.

Lord and Friend.

Judge and Savior.

You are an eternal enigma in my mind...
Yet a never ending comfort to my heart.

Because you are God.
Without border or definition.
The unified dichotomy.
The living mystery that came to dwell among us

and be known.

You are I AM.

And what I do not understand while asleep on this earth,
I shall have a life time to learn when I awake in Glory.