Friday, March 29, 2013

Already Here

I often find it strange, how vividly one can recall childhood events. A particular vision I have is of a bitter, cold day in March as a young child at home with my mother and two sisters. That afternoon the postman delivered a package that we knew had to be special because it was heavy and had to be signed for. The three of us gathered eagerly around our apron-clad mother as we watched her flour dusted fingers open the mysterious box. After all the bubble wrap and tape were removed she held in her lap a beautifully framed, pencil sketch of a small bird on a budding branch. In cursive letters underneath, the inscription read, “Spring is Coming.”

The reason this particular image is so engrained in my mind is not because of the drawing itself: it was quite simple in design and was from a family friend. Rather, it was what happened next that I am still able to see. My mother put her slender, elegant hand on the words themselves and silent tears began to stream down her face. We begged her to tell us what was wrong, to which she replied with a smile, “Happy tears. I just needed to be reminded of something.”

At such a young age, I could not understand the weariness a mother of three can feel in the middle of a winter, with her husband often traveling, and bills ever piling. But as I have grown older, I’ve come to understand more clearly the balm these words were to her. I often found myself whispering that same promise throughout my growing adult years when a difficult season in life bore heavy on my heart. “Spring is coming, Jessi. Spring is coming.”

But as I study God’s Word and He daily reveals His Truth to me, I have learned that, while this sentiment is true and hopeful, it is not complete. Yes, Spring is coming but the miracle, the gospel truth of it all, is that Easter is here. He IS risen. Present tense. It is not waiting for one Sunday on a calendar. It has happened already and He is reigning in the here and now.

And so we walk through any time of restlessness or hurt knowing that the presence of the spotless one who conquered death now offers us hope to do the same. This Easter, may you know that blameless sacrifice as your Savior and Lord, and may your heart hear the words of life offered to you from the Risen One. He calls to us each morning amidst the car pools, deadlines, and dollar signs. Do you hear Him beckon?

My beloved, arise.
Though the path is dark,
I will not let you fall.
Though the night is cold,
I will keep your thoughts from sleep.
Though you might walk this journey alone,
I will never leave your side.
Child of the King,
Don't forget:
Your tears may be many,
but My promises for you are more.

My dear friends, Spring indeed is coming,
But praise be to God,
because Easter is Here.